Apex Legends, Boom to the battle royale games…???

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So What Is Apex Legends ?

Apex Legends is a battle royale game where you can team up as a 3 man squad and fight till the last one stands in a 20 Squad or at max 60 player in titanfall universe map. Like other battle royale games, the players here land empty handed and have to search and equip with weapons and other necessities required to win the battle royale.

The thing that makes it stand out of other battle royale game is the hero feature, Apex legend has a pool of 8 heroes whom they call legend and each legend has a special role and an Ultimate ability which recharges with time.

The game also emphasises more on the team play rather then individual domination and the fact that each legend have their own strong and weak point makes the game much more exciting and Worth-while to play.

Currently Apex Legend has a pool of 8 Legends, they are –

  1. Bloodhound
  2. Gibraltar
  3. Lifeline
  4. Pathfinder
  5. Wraith
  6. Bangalore
  7. Caustic (Locked)
  8. Mirage (Locked)

Apart from this all the Apex Legends introduces a very unique and exciting mode of interaction with the team, the ping system, with only one press of a button a player can ping an object, location or other players without even using a single vocal word, Communication in a team work based MMORPG has always been the issue but with this new mode of communication, a group of 3 players can communicate without ever talking over the headies which people mostly miss out.


Panda Reviews Apex Legends:

Apex Legends hypes the battle royale gaming experience up to a whole new level, with the whole new titanfall universe map having crystal clear details to the weapons and the Legend’s abilities, also the communication mechanics of the game makes it less frustrating in playing with a team without headsets.

Also, the Legends’ interesting and versatile abilities and ultimates adds the cherry to the cake, Sophisticated yet elegant mechanics of the game can keep your soul pinned to the game for long hours without a break.

Impactful and robust sound effects makes the gameplay more exciting from simple footsteps to gun fire every sound and animation are detailed to the best extent possible.

Lastly the limited respawn system ensures that you get a second chance to fight for the crown of Apex Champion as long as your team-mate is available to deliver your beacon tag to a signal point.




Versatile strategy options due to the unique abilities of legends. Only 8 legends available as of now, 2 of which need to be bought or gets unlocked after a long time of playing.
Hero abilities are well synergised with each-others. Bloodhound and Lifeline are too strong and need some balance.
All weapons feel effective in a fight if it is in the right hands. Too many bugs and glitches, although all should be patched by the next update.
Incomparable Communication mechanism. Rare server crashes or lags due to heavy load.






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