Apex Legends: All you need to know about the Legends.

Tips and Tricks


Mirage :

Mirage as the name suggest can create holographs of himself to confuse the hell out of the enemy team, his passive allows him to go invisible when knocked out and his tactical ability sends out a holographic copy of himself towards the enemy in hope of baiting them to give out their positions or atleast buy some time for mirage to escape, if this was not enough his ultimate can leave the enemy team totally confused by creating multiple copies of himself while the real one remains invisible.



Caustic or better the Gas Master is perhaps the best support legend available in the game with a defensive stint, his tactical ability allows him to wrap up an area with poisonous gas all while his passive allows him to see through the gas, Well we are talking about gas and comes his ultimate which wraps up a larger area in a deadlier gas.


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