Apex Legends: All you need to know about the Legends.

Tips and Tricks



Gibralter can easily be said to be the protector and damage absorber with a big nuke in up his sleeves, his passive summons a riot shield wherever he aims which absorbs a great deal of damage and if it comes that your team is in the middle of a crossfire Gibraltar can use his tactical ability to create a protective dome for 15 seconds apart his defensive mastery his ultimate can be used to blow up an area with precise concentrated missile hits although it can damage Gibraltar himself too.




Pathfinder is the brains of a team, with solid recon skills such as his passive which can predict the next circle’s location and with his tactical ability which can be used both to escape or have a greater view of the area, apart everything if the team gets pinched from every side he can use his ultimate to create a zipline via which the team can escape cozy situations.


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