Apex Legends: All you need to know about the Legends.

Tips and Tricks



Wraith is the controller of multiple dimensions and has a keen sense of the environment around, her passive can warn her about enemies aiming at her, although her defences are kinda weak but they are made up by her tactical skill which makes her rift between dimensions making her invisible and invincible for a short duration, her ultimate allows her to create a portal via which she and her teamate can alter between the two connected places.



Lifeline is the medic in the unit with OP passive of reviving a teammate faster also while a shield keeps them protected and a tactical ability which summons a healing drone which heals an ally in its vicinity, and the cherry to the cake is her ultimate which summons a drop which includes lots of defensive gears.


These are the 8 legends currently available in Apex Legends, Guides on each of the Legend will be up soon.

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