Jump Force: Crossover of the Greatest Manga Heroes.

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Jump Force Poster.
Jump Force Initial Poster

Developed by Spike Chunsoft and Published by Bandai Namco, Jump force marks the celebration of 50th anniversary of famous Sh┼Źnen Jump Magazine, the game mashes up vast number of characters form the manga world into the real world and the story revolves around formation of a special group of heroes to save the Universe from the Venom as they approach to destroy the Universe.

Although the amazing 3d animation of the heroes and the much hype about the game fell silent just after its release due to its loose story line and not up to the mark Game Mechanics.

Character selection Menu of Jumpforce.

Frieza as seen on the characters menu.

Basic Storyline:

The story starts with you getting killed by Frieza at TimeSquare New York, but then you are revived by Trunks using a unbras cube and are turned into a hero who then join the special group on a bid to save the universe.

Robust Customization Options
Customization of Character Menu


  1. Amazing 3d Animation
  2. Real World and Beautiful Fighting Environment.
  3. Realistic Fight Action Animations.


  1. Loose Storyline.
  2. No Co-Ops.
  3. Unbalanced Rosters and Characters.

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